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Seiyuu Meme

It's been a while since i posted something on this journal. A year maybe but i wanted to revived this and then put my anything random stuffs about life and everything. So now i'm busy finishing my fic Pandora's Box which you can read on my inoo_hime journal. But i find time to do this and i am really excited while answering all the 100 questions. It's been 2 years since i become a fan of seiyuu and i have a significant amount of knowledge about them now. If you are interested to know my interest about seiyuu then please feel free to read it.

Seiyuu MemeCollapse )

A Seiyuu Related Post


I have a weakness in beautiful voice. 
Miyano Mamuro has a beautiful voice.
*i have weakness with Miyano Mamuro? >___<

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So today should be the start of our semestral break and i am hoping that i can go home already and have my free time but here i am, still in this room alone. 

My feasibility is not yet over... even finals is already over we need to revise and revise again. I need to stay for i think 4 more days omaygawd... i am so alone here and gladly my sister leave her laptop with me and now i have this as my companion in this lonely room. I hope this will be over before i go back to my province...

i hope i will have a good grade too... i don't care if it is low just make it a passing grade please.......

oh...i watch Beat Line performance in SHounen and i was like O ___O. That performance is the best live performance i ever watch. The dance is so intense and powerful, the choreography is so good, they all look good and the drums oh my Inoo>___< 

Okay that's all for the rants... i wonder how i will spend my days here all alone???

i miss my homeT____T 

Super Random Post

My post in my fb about my other self (being a fangirl) is limited... well of course its not like everyone knows me as a fan girl i have my real life as well.

So today i have my exam i only attend my class which have an exam and the first one i don't coz i got addicted watching Q10. So now i have another obsession... Sato Takeru hehehe. I first saw him in bloody monday when i watch it. i don't have any idea who is he but i already read and hear his name somewhere and so when i get interested on him i start loving how he acts. 

Ne ne... is he really good at singing or not? I am not really sure since when i am watching BECK why is his voice been muted which is so disappointing. i really like to hear his voice, i want to hear him sing but even until the end of the movie i didn't heard his voice but there are videos in youtube that there is a voice and i am not sure if it is really his voice or just another but Oh My God if it is his voice... he is good singer there and i don't get it why they need to mute his voice. 

and so since i am obsess with him right now i was so happy when i heard that he will be the one who will play kenshin in rorounin kenshin live action. i know that it will have a live action but i never thought realize that it is him who will play OMG OMG OMG i am excited... i like that anime as well. Since i am done with BECK maybe i will watch next is... Mr. Brain or... Princess Princess... ahhhh i don't know. 

I am done watching KIDS as well such a great movie too^_____^ Koike Teppei is kakoi... cute and good looking

okay that's for the rant... going to watch againXD

Inoo Kei^___^

New scans are here and OMG i love inoochan's pics they are all cool. In the new scans i notice that Yuri starts getting rid of his cute side and now showing his cool side and i think other notice it. Am i right???

Oh before inoochan's picture did i mention that i am addicted to DBSK's voice this few days. Their voice is so love.... very very love. it is so lovely. I love their ballad songs and acapellas^__^ but sad to know about what happened to them. Me and my sister is thinking why we just discovered them when they are already disbanded i want the 5 members coz their voice are really good. In JE the only voice that i know that can sing like that are TEGOMASS... i hope JUMP will have a song like them ^___^ 

Inoochan's pics^___^

You never fail to amuse me^___^ i forgot where i got this picture but credit goes to owner^___^


It's a Yan Yan Thing^___^

Whoa long time no post but i am been active posting fanfic. I have my new fanfic titled Stained Feelings and if you like to read it here is the link of my fanfic list you can see the chapters of Stained Feelings @ the end part^___^  Click here: fanfic list 

I enjoy watching the latest Yan Yan Jump because there is always Inoo except the last week but i still enjoy watching that episode. Here are some screencap of yan yan jump... of course its bias^___^



 YO... my examination ends today but so much things to be done again. I am not excited with the result though coz i know i didn't do well. Blame myself that i didn't review coz i get addicted to Bloody Monday that i can't concentrate studying but i will do my best in the next. But i think i did great in one of my accounting subject i just think. 

So what else can i say??? oh did you see the newest scan. Ryutaro is not there and there are only 9 members that's sad T___T i just miss him more and more. 

i will still be in hiatus in writing fic sorry for that... i really don't have time to write something and for some reasons my motivation to write is gone and even i feel i want to write immediately i feel unmotivated again and then just stare in my laptop and do nothing. i am lack of ideas and maybe inspiration so i can't write anything. So now i spend my time doing nothing but to surf in the net... read articles and then when done doing research works. Boring life... i know... that is my life.

We will going to watch Harry Potter tomorrow i am excited^____^ 4 days till my special dayXP