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How I Used To Be In The Past

I am Karen but i want everyone to call me in my username as Kenoo_chan. I am a very big fangirl specially of my belove JUMP. Jump is the first JE group that i know so they are my first love but i am also into other JE group like NEWS and my ichiban there is Yuya Tegoshi andTakahisa Masuda and i am starting to love Shigeaki Kato. In Kat-tun i love Akanishi and Kamenashi but i think Akanishi's attitude is starting to change (Just my feeling). I also love Arashi and my favorite is Ninomiya and Matsujun. I love Question? Yodogawa and Daisuke and i love Ks-my-ft2, senga kento, tamamori, fujigaya and kitayama (i hope this two undebuted group to debut as soon as possible. But my most favorite of all is the sub group of HSJ... HSB they are the best for me but i want them together with HS7 coz they are cute together. Here is my ranking of HSJ.

kei inoo Pictures, Images and Photos

>>>i love inoo so much specially his randomness. i love the Hikanoo pair and also inoobu pair. having them together is like a good scene of love story. Yabu and Hikaru are bestfriends and then Inoo came and that start it... gome for a suck summary.
kei inoo Pictures, Images and Photos

>>>i love writing fanfics thou i am lazy to post it. but my journal are just about randomness of my life. hope to have more friends in this website and hope to know everyone more and more.